Hemployment Membership Updates

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Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a busy few months, and we’ve got some really exciting developments coming soon! We’re currently seeking feedback from any and everybody about what you want to learn, how, where, and how you think you’d fit into the industry. You can write to us at info@hemployment.com.au or, when our member area goes live in July, just join up to one of our membership programs and submit your feedback on our forum!

We’ve also just started development on an Eco-Village pilot project in partnership with EnviroProject in the US – please stay tuned for a project update and how you can get involved!

Cannabis in Australia has made some little steps in Parliament, and some major steps in cultural reform over the last few months, so the time is ripe to find out your potential in our new industry.

Thanks for your patience while we grow, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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