Letter from the Founders

Thank you for your interest in Hemployment Australia, and welcome!

We created Hemployment to help people find their way in this burgeoning industry; by empowering our people to be their best, together we will create a strong and sustainable foundation for the future of Cannabis in Australia.

With regulated Medical Cannabis systems now operating in Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel, most of the US States, and with the US Federal Government lifting the nationwide ban on Medicinal Cannabis use, we are looking at an imminent global Cannabis revolution.

Australia is poised to become a major contender in this new market, as New South Wales and Queensland have both given green lights to Medicinal Cannabis trials, and our aim at Hemployment is to provide a foundation of trusted and skilled professionals to the industry.

Hemployment was created by diverse interests united in one singular passion; to regain our sovereign rights to our bodies and our minds, and therein, re-connect to the planet we share.

Together we have created Hemployment Australia, the Education and Employment Network for the Australian Cannabis Industry. It is our hope, that by fostering relationships, facilitating connections, and expanding the skillsets of the thousands of passionate Cannavists this country has to offer, our industry can not help but succeed.

We are currently developing an online network where members can connect with each other, find businesses, join projects, purchase products and much more. Our member programs are tailored towards Individuals, Organisations, or Employers in the industry; each offering a specific set of tools to help you succeed. Depending on your desired career path, we will help you find what you need, incorporate your experience, and develop your skills. 

We want to talk about any barriers that may prevent your employment in the industry.

And we want to talk about managing a new business in the Australian hemp industry. Please contact us here to provide feedback on how we can best help you.

While the legality of Cannabis in Australia continues to be reviewed, our priority at Hemployment is the protection of our partners through strict legal adherence, and a dedication to Occupational Health and Safety. As this is a new industry, we would love your feedback to improve and develop our courses, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to learn with you.

Thank you again for your interest in Hemployment Australia, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals in this exciting new Australian industry.

Please click here to register your interest today and help us grow!

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