A Zombie Democracy

A long time ago, but not so long that people don’t remember, many people died in the name of “a better way”. I’m referring to the democratic process of modern war since the days of sandals and togas. This stupid habit of inciting enough fear in order to generate enough hate to kill is now ‘business […]

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Sustainability and Cannabis

  How much of what we accept as being possible or viable in developing solutions for the challenges we face as a global community is based on half-truths and undone science? Could it be, that some companies simply prefer that no solution be found whilst good profits are being made from us in medicine, energy […]

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Letter to QLD Parliament

As legislators in Queensland propose more initiatives to deal with the incredible momentum of the global Cannabis Movement, we had an opportunity to review the Queensland Medical Cannabis Bill, and make our suggestions – whether they are heard or not, remains to be seen. We’ll know in October if the government is interested in helping […]

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Free Cannabis Community 420 Picnic!

Hello Everyone! Exciting news for anyone near the Gold Coast this weekend (or even anyone wanting to be near the Gold Coast this weekend, here’s your excuse!), our friends at Free Cannabis Queensland have organised a community picnic for us today at Albert Park in Broadbeach Waters! The event kicks off at 11:30, going until at […]

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CLRA’s 101 On Your Basic Rights

Do you have to say your name if the Police ask for it? If someone is questioned by police, and they haven’t committed a crime, but the police suspect they have, what obligation does that person have to speak to the police? Your rights change when you are “suspected” but how do we know what […]

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Hemployment Membership Updates

Hello Everyone! We’ve had a busy few months, and we’ve got some really exciting developments coming soon! We’re currently seeking feedback from any and everybody about what you want to learn, how, where, and how you think you’d fit into the industry. You can write to us at info@hemployment.com.au or, when our member area goes […]

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Letter from the Founders

Thank you for your interest in Hemployment Australia, and welcome! We created Hemployment to help people find their way in this burgeoning industry; by empowering our people to be their best, together we will create a strong and sustainable foundation for the future of Cannabis in Australia. With regulated Medical Cannabis systems now operating in […]

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Register for the Free Virtual Cannabis Health Summit

The massive news on everyone’s lips today is the upcoming First Annual Online Cannabis Health Summit. Summary of the Event: Free online conference starting January 23rd and going all weekend Speakers giving presentations are leaders in their respective fields Learn about how you can make a difference in the access to Medicinal Cannabis Network with […]

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