A Zombie Democracy

A long time ago, but not so long that people don’t remember, many people died in the name of “a better way”. I’m referring to the democratic process of modern war since the days of sandals and togas. This stupid habit of inciting enough fear in order to generate enough hate to kill is now ‘business as usual’ by the capitalist today. They know that the human animal is a collective mind that can be whipped into a frenzy using a formula… oh how our minds deceive us.

War is all around us. Not just in the Middle East or Africa, but everywhere. When people are invaded by outsiders with domineering intentions, they have no choice but to stand their ground. Reciprocity turns to genocide anytime possession intersects with freedom. The invaders take the children and make the village believe it is for their own good. The children are abused, their rights removed and forced to work for nothing for the rest of their lives. Slaves. As we continue to be today.

If incarceration replaces debate (“because it’s the law” who cares about “justice”) you can be certain that war exists. Here’s a quick test to see it for yourself:

  1. Look udownloadp the prison sentences for cannabis in your region and compare the terms with crimes of violence or deprivation of liberty like rape, assault and murder.
  2. Ask yourself, why is growing a plant considered criminal when no harm is done?
  3. Why do we not even discuss the benefits to textiles, construction, biomass energy or soil rejuvenation? Is it because Cannabis is a nutritional and medicinal super plant that the Corporate Earth could do without?

If yes, then what else has our species had to endure so the rich could get richer and consign us all to a regulated, monitored, and constricted life? Energy? Could it be that Tesla did harness the energy of the vacuum of space safely and wanted humanity to have it? Are the wires and mines, the frequencies filling the air and fracking even necessary? Is the ozone depleting gas released by nuclear power really necessary?

For someone to stand up and ask these questions, along with questions about why coal fly ash riddled with Aluminium, Strontium, Barium and other toxic metals is being released for solar radiation management over cities and agricultural/water catchments, life is never dull. Today though, the war I am discussing is one where the coward’s weapon of choice is used; poison.

I am hearing more and more reference to the synthetic molecules filling our water cycle as ‘Traditional Medicine’ residual waste. Apparently people are moving away from these traditional medicines and looking to ‘alternative medicines like Cannabis’. I am pretty sure Cannabis is actually the traditional medicine and the mass produced synthetic poison killing the Earth is the not very well thought out ‘alternative medicine’ only recently on the scene.

I have it on good authority that this documentary about to show in Australia has been key in waking us from the hypnotic trance of modern chemical warfare and debt-slavery-induced Cannabis policy. A film that even those that are hardcore on the opposition are unable to spin. I will leave you with this short preview and look forward to thoughts about changing the perception of those still in a trance. Those who hear the word Cannabis and their eyes glaze over with obedient ignorance must be reached for real change to occur. Not just for Cannabis’ sake, but to regain our sovereignty as a people.

Not only do we propose that all nations with unjust policy on plant prohibition are in breach of human rights law, we propose that our education of the people with regard to traditional medicine and economics is our final front in this war.

We will not take up arms and allow their media to target us in small groups with drones and chemical weapons. We will simply make them obsolete in our daily lives while retaining the technology for peaceful purposes as they fade from our future.

We can not surrender to ignorance and fear, only zombies can fuel a zombie democracy.


J. Richter, Co-Founder Hemployment Australia